[Object Premonition] Psychic: Season 1, Episode 2.

Pictures are images of the past. It seal memories and helps us to remember many good emotions. Just like any objects, psychics leverage on those energy embed into such objects to see the past and future. This is known as ‘Premonition’.

‘Premonition’ a word origin from Latin meaning ‘acquiring knowledge’. Premonition is an ability to see the past and the future that is commonly done by connecting with the object/person by touch. Premonition is often confused with Telepathy. Check out the snippet of Charmed, a TV series related to supernatural powers, to see how premonition seems like for a psychic.

In Episode 2, Alvin Terence demonstrated ‘Premonition’ through a straw. The participates were told to imagine drawing something on a sand with the straw and then instructed to pass the straw back to Alvin Terence for a premonition reading.

Under test conditions, Alvin Terence drew what he sensed out FIRST before the participant did. Thus, making the psychic demonstration breathtaking and impossible.

So how was it done? Here is one of the techniques use in Episode 2. Ideomotor Effect.

Ideomotor Effect. It is a psychological phenomenon wherein a subject makes motions unconsciously. It is a scientific explanation for the Ouija Board (aka Spirit Board) and Spiritual Dowsing. This works well on participants if they are able to visualize clearly what they have drawn as the ideomotor effect will appear bigger and clearer to Alvin Terence, a trainer practitioner of the art of Psychological Illusions.

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Love Magick

Valentine’s Day is up in 12 days time.

Move aside Cupid and stop brewing your love potions. V-Day doesn’t necessary mean D-Day (Doom’s Day).

Here are some ways you can prepare yourself before your big date on 14th February 2012.

Tips for both GUYS and LADIES:

  1. Dress up. If you feel your wardrobe belongs to the 70s, we wouldn’t recommend to gamble your chance with a vintage theme. Mix and Match may be fun but if done wrongly might spell trouble it might make you end up looking like a clown rather than royalty. Go for a Makeover and let the professionals worry about the rest.
  2. Candle Light Dinner. Guys take note, a romantic setting will set your girl in the mood to be romantic. Expect a price hike during this period, and skip the thought of tightening up your wallets. And guys, it’s a NO-NO if you’re thinking of cooking for your girl because it not the right time to show the inner soft side. LADIES: Do dress in your evening wear. Something bright but not striking preferably. Here’s Rose McGowan in a sexy gorgeous Issa Gown.rose-mcgowan-issa-gown
  3. Smile. That’s your best weapon when you don’t have a clue what your date is talking about. It will make him/her comfortable before you chance to straighten things out.
  4. Plan. Don’t wait until the day before your date. RESTAURANTS WILL BE PACKED. Ladies, do drop hints if you have a great plan in mind. Not every guy is a mind reader like ATOM members.
  5. Magic Time! Well, it’s good to have something up your sleeves (ladies too, even if you’re wearing a gown) during AWKWARD silent moments you can strike a conversation. But remember to keep the secret until you’re married. That will hold him/her down for sure! Need to learn the secret of magic, CLICK HERE.