Singapore Female Magician

They are sexy and they are magical.

These are the ladies that decided to quit their role as the magician’s assistant to be the magician.

I did a Google search and found 2 beautiful magicians staring back at me from the screen.


“Magic Babe” Ning is no surprise to many of us magicians. “Magic Babe” Ning is known as Singapore’s only professional female magician & escape artist. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, the third website on Google is an article from TODAYonline about ‘Magic Babe’ Ning retirement from magic. We will sure miss her! The last we heard from ‘Magic Babe’ Ning was that she’s an author of 2 books (“Who is Magic Babe Ning?” and “Adventures of 2 Girls”) and was recently married (sorry guys). Who is ‘Magic Babe’ Ning beloved life partner still remains a mystery to many.

Second website after ‘Magic Babe’ Ning is S&MMM. When one door closes another one opens. Although nothing much has been mentioned and we are left with only a teaser that links to their Facebook page (; it seems like Singapore’s entertainment scene have 4 more Female Magicians.

Until their next update. Here are some of the things we know about S&MMM.

  • S&MMM means Sexy & Mysterious Modern Magicians
  • S&MMM is made up of possibly 4 female magicians
  • S&MMM seems pretty skilled
  • S&MMM can be hired for close-up magic and stage magic

If you have any information on S&MMM, do let us know!


Illusionists Setting Another Record

Watch one of the greatest Mega Illusion LIVE at the comfort of your home.

This is self-explanatory so play the video and watch it!

Real-time streaming begins at the following times:

SG Time: 7 January, 3pm – 4pm
GMT: 7 January, 7am – 8am
Pacific Time: 6 January, 11pm – 12am
Central Time: 7 January, 1am – 2am


Singapore’s Female Magician

How time has passed, so quick, so fleeting. The video above captures a small window of time and history in 2009. Like a Time Machine, it will take you back how ATOM first started off! Impressive! 🙂

Ding was ATOM’s First Ever Female Magician to be part of the team.
An ATOM Promo Video directed and edited by Alvin Terence. Filmed by Jian Rong.