Top 10 Famous Magicians

Below is a video featuring the Top 10 Famous Magicians!

We are not sure how they come up with that conclusion (probably through the number of Google search results), but here’s an article which talks about the success behind magic and influence as well as Zen Stare that most successful magicians have!


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Top Heart Wrenching Magic Topics – Doruk Ulgen

There have been a few heart wrenching topics floating in the magic community, 2 of the common topics are: exposure of trade secrets and copy cat magicians.

Apparently for Turkish magician, Doruk Ulgen (a David Blaine look-a-like), copy cat magicians affected him in many ways. A public video was made addressing to David Copperfield, Jeff McBride, Pen&Teller and Mac King — the main magicians that his competitors have successfully copied the original acts without the creator’s permission and have since soared stardom on local programs such as Turkey’s Got Talent.

Such copyright issues are tricky as the productions are not as big like international shows like Cats – The Musical, The Phantom of the Opera or Les Misérables.

At ATOM we believe in original scripting, original choreography and original personality. Believe us, it will bring BIGGER success. Just look at David Copperfield, Jeff McBride, Pen&Teller and Mac King. They made their millionaires with magic — which they 100% deserve.

Now most bookers/agents may not be aware of this but customized shows and out-of-the-ordinary performances will most likely stumble a copy cat magician. Making the event look bad for the event organizers and bookers/agents. We encourage bookers/agents to support REAL talents by hiring REAL performer (we use this term because copy cat artiste doesn’t just limit themselves to just magic). Yes, they may charge a higher rate and it will be awarding.

All the best!

One-Stop Entertainment Services, Workshops, Talks, Courses and Professional ConsultationOne-Stop Entertainment Services, Workshops, Talks, Courses and Professional ConsultationOne-Stop Entertainment Services, Workshops, Talks, Courses and Professional Consultation


Andrei Jikh interviews with Woody Harrelson & Jesse Eisenberg

“So much psychology behind it (psychological illusion). It is the closes thing that you can get to real magic”

Andrei Jikh

One-Stop Entertainment Services, Workshops, Talks, Courses and Professional ConsultationOne-Stop Entertainment Services, Workshops, Talks, Courses and Professional ConsultationOne-Stop Entertainment Services, Workshops, Talks, Courses and Professional Consultation


How To Be A GOOD Magician

Just yesterday, a friend (also a magician) sent me a video over Facebook. He wanted me to give him some feedback on a magician’s performance.

To avoid further implications of this dude from nasty YouTubers, ATOM decided to host the video on our Vimeo account.

(Password: ATOMFacebook)

All I can mention is that this dude has an uncanny resemblance of David Blaine. Come to think about it, he even sounds like him! As an opinion, it’s takes amazing “powers” to pull off a Droopy-like character (monotonous speech) and yet earn a whopping $2mil a year (Forbes, 2005). No pun intended.

So what sells a Magician?

  1. Tricks: These are the “generic skills” necessary to be who you are. Think of it as a certificate to be a Mentalist or Magician. However such occupational skills may be seen necessary to the clients but in reality that’s NEVER enough.
  2. Accompanying Tricks are Effects: This is the desired outcome the Magician wants to portrait to the spectator. Different handling of a trick can produce different results. Some call this showmanship.
  3. Next comes the X-Factor: Every Magicians that we came across possess a great deal of technical handling and effects. However, good effects without an appealing X-Factor gives you… (answer). There are some debate over about the extent to which these types of skill can be developed in a performer, or whether certain characteristics or predisposition are necessary for their development. But whichever philosophy you choose to subscribe to, ATOM believes it is worth to try every method out and select the best one that fits you. So, a GOOD effect must be accompanied by a GOOD X-Factor.

ATOM’s Master Class provides EXISTING analyzing processes that have  been tested and proven around the world in different industries. From that analysis; you will learn:

• How to developing your style based on your character
• Get evaluated of your performance presence
• Highlighting character that works best for you
• Hands on development on your existing routine (close-up & stage)
• How to developing a successful performance

The Master Class Program is specially catered for magicians with or without prior experience for all skill levels. Email ATOM at to get YOUR FREE ANALYSIS or reserve your slot with ATOM today!

For non-magicians, you can also learn Magic or other soft-skills to bring out the BEST in YOU. EXCEL in your school, workplace or social life. Visit, ATOM Official Website or drop us an email at to find out MORE.


Behind Successful Magic & Influence

inventor, magician, singapore, david blaineAndrew Mayne, magic’s most prolific creators, recently mentions about a dominance stare or ‘Zen Stare’ as Walter Isaacson would call it.

Somehow, the Zen Stare creates a sense of leadership, credibility and confidence leading those who possess it to success. Steve Jobs would do this in negotiations while David Blaine does it in the middle of a four ace trick. Coincidentally, the stars of ATOM possesses the same Zen Stare. Alvin Terence, the Creative Director of the pack,  is known for his leadership qualities, he has a really cool portfolio (credibility) and confidence that will translate throughout his performances.

Shahid Mazali, Manhunt Singapore 2011 participant and Top 3 Mr. Popular even describes Alvin Terence as “Singapore’s very own CRISS ANGEL!”

To find out more on how Alvin Terence and ATOM can spice things up at your event, visit:


Corporate Magic Show – Mystery Solved

Bryan McGovern from Hijinx Entertainment mentioned in his article that “magic shows are NOT just for kids.”

And that’s TRUE! If you’re looking for Corporate Entertainers, READ ON!

In our first year of establishment, Astonishing Team of Mentalists (ATOM) had a show statistics of 80% Kids Shows and 20% Corporate Events Show. However that started to change when word-of-mouth went viral – the figures switched. Nearly 80% of our shows were corporate-related. That was a HUGE transformation. Furthermore, unlike the regular magicians in Singapore, ATOM positioned itself solely as a group of professional corporate entertainers.

The adjustment was made easy too! Event Managements were highly recommending ATOM to their clients and their clients were spreading the word for ATOM! What a blessing in disguise indeed! Joel Tay, a close friend of ATOM, claims that it was the work of our Lord Savior who path the way for ATOM. The other ATOM Members (ATOMites) would also agree that it’s based on Alvin Terence’s Snowball Effect Theory (in a nutshell, it’s a system to analyze client behavior pattern at a performance venue to get recognition for our hard work).

So what else caused that change?

The answer: David Blaine’s Street Magic (TV Specials).

Adding on, ATOM’s LIVE performances were even BETTER than the audition videos. Once a client even said, “your magic performance is unique and interactive, I have never since such a performance before!”. Some clients were so amazed of the new genre of magic that we have been promoting, “I’m going to Google ‘Mentalism‘, it’s so cool!”

Now that explains the mystery.


Coolest, Popular Singapore Magicians/Mentalists In Town

Astonishing Team of Mentalists (ATOM) is cool because… well, play the video below to find out why.

Because of that, it makes everyone in Singapore cool!

With Singaporeans topping 2nd place on the list because of our “super Computer Literacy” or high Computer Literacy level, I can’t help but mention that WE are way cooler than that reason.

We are also cool because of the exciting events that we have organized and hosted in Singapore: Formula 1, Youth Olympic Games, Barclays Singapore Open etc (all of which I have proudly attended). In addition, the arts scene is set to buzz louder than ever before.

Recently on 10th March 2011, Straits Times reports “Arts hobbyists and grassroots groups are set to receive a $40 million boost from the Government”. Thus, boosting the arts scene in Singapore. As much as I would like to associate Magic as an art form; magic has always been more of a professional practitioner job rather than an art form. However that has changed; Magic is now more accessible and more Magic Hobbyist are popping up all over the place.

But with so many options available, deciding on the right teaching center can be tough.

Here is a checklist that you can go through when sourcing out the PERFECT magic course provider:

1) Credibility
Check the provider’s credibility by finding out “the years of experience in conducting such workshops/courses/lectures” and “if are they experienced magician(s)/coach(s)”.

2) Portfolio
Take a look at their Portfolio; usually such workshops/courses/lectures spreads like wildfire; organizations usually get a breath of such news very quickly.

3) Price (Value for Money)
Are you getting what you are paying for? Very often, most magic workshops/courses/lectures teaches 90% card tricks. These are unknowing marketing gimmicks used to enticed customers to sign up for their cheap workshops/courses/lectures.

A cheap pack of cards cost US$1; allowing the magician to pocket the rest of the money.

A good magic workshops/courses/lectures should cover a good introductory to magic, different magic genre (coins, daily objects, currency notes, rubber bands and OF COURSE… playing cards), quality props (not just a pack of card), performance tips and magician’s experiences and tips.

4) Size-Per Class
Find out more details on how the workshops/courses/lectures are being conducted. Avoid providers that pack a room full of attendees. Typically, ONE magician will be able to handle 30 attendees per session.

5) After Service
Check if the provider provides after-service. This is to ensure nothing is left hanging even after the workshops/courses/lectures!

In the recent “Singapore Radio Awards 2011”,  when asked how does one gauge if they are popular, singer Rahimah Rahim answered, “well, you know you’re popular when you win (the) popular-personality award (and if you don’t) … some (celebrities are) consider (popular) when they have … 10,000 likes on Facebook Page or 5000 fans … by Facebook standard” (source “”).

ATOM has been providing Premium Magic Performances since 2007. With the 2nd LARGEST fan base in Singapore of OVER 5000 FANS on Facebook; ATOM Magicians/Mentalists continues to pride themselves in varies magic-related services such as workshops/courses/lectures and professional consultancy. With the sudden surge in the interest of Magic in 2009 due to the hype of David Blaine’s Street Magic TV specials, ATOM was swamped with several requests to provide magic courses. Due to popular demand in 2009, ATOM met the demand by providing Premium Magic workshops/courses/lectures (mainly to our corporate clients).
To date, ATOM has provided workshops/courses/lectures to over hundreds attendees. Some of ATOM clientele includes: Microsoft, Ministry of Law, and Raffles Institution.
ATOM magic workshops/courses/lectures can pack 30 participants. This is to allow greater performance/explanation visual, better interaction and greater learning experience. However, if an overflow of attendees is necessary; the entire team of ATOM (5 professional magicians, and 3 admin staff) will provide the necessary arrangements to ensure quality of the workshops/courses/lectures – coaching up to 240 participants effectively per session.
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