Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards (RARE)

ATOM will be releasing 4 RARE decks (2 reds, 2 blues) at a time every month. Decks are priced at US$85/deck. Notification will be made on ATOM Official Facebook page.

First come, first serve, no reservations allowed.

Alternatively, here is a faster and easier way to WIN FREE Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards and other rare deck. Click the picture below to find out more.


In the history of Magic and Flourishing (visual displays of dexterity with playing cards) Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards is one of the most desirable deck of playing cards along side with Bicycle Black Ghost (1st ed.), Gold Arcanes and LTD. (Limited) Playing Cards Deck.

The Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards were only one-sided embossed decks. It also went through a specially chemical coating processed which can’t be done today as it’s said to be harmful to the environment. It’s extremely durable and long-lasting (they really seem like they can last FOREVER) due to the stiffness and “paper memory”. Thus, they easily manipulated, because they are slightly thicker than a regular playing card. Oh, they fan pretty decent too!

Famous magicians sighted using Jerry’s Nugget: Dominique Duvivier, Dai Vernon, Steve Freeman, Randy Wakeman, Earl Nelson, Larry Jennings, Michael Skinner, Ed Marlo, Bill Goldman, Daryl, Lee Asher, Wayne Houchin, Dan Buck, Dave Buck and Alvin Terence.

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