Conversational Magic (HOT)

Astonishing Team of Mentalists - Singapore's Only Team of Perfoming Team of Mentalists/Magicians -  WORKSHOP

Lecture Summary: Get ready to spice up your life. This is not just a magic makeover but everything on how you interact with your schoolmates, colleague, boss, clients, new friends, your date, etc WILL CHANGE FOREVER. This is a social utility tool embed into specially selected magic tricks for maximum interaction and empowerment. Learn how to look presentable, conversational skills and strong ice breaking magic that will make others remember you FOREVER. Learn how to give out your business cards magically, levitate objects, David Blaine tricks, and much more!

Who should sign up: Male/Female in real estate or investment, Break the ice easily with strangers, Party-Starters, Public Speakers (Toast Masters, Office Presentation, Project Presentation, etc).

Starter Pack Includes (worth nearly S$200): Workshop Notes & Materials Provided
Duration: 2 hours onwards (depending on group size)
Course Fee: SGD450.00 (Special Group Rates Available)

(Recommended for ages 16 years and above)
(This is course is for serious Working Professionals that’s interested in building rapport with their clients, bosses, students, etc)



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