Magic School


Apart from the usual performance that ATOM engages in, we also provide MAGIC COURSES and MAGIC WORKSHOPS for both individuals and groups. This is a popular demand service suggested by our loyal clients.

Some of our clients includes, Microsoft. (click here to see more).

ATOM’s Premium WTC (Workshops/Talks/Courses) are customizable and it generally involves team building and practical sessions. Every participants are guaranteed to learn Soft Skills which is highly applicable at work, school and even in social settings.

Each participate will also receive a Starter-Kit which includes imported high-quality materials and colored notes.

To find out more about the benefits of learning magic, visit ATOM Official Website.

We offer customized courses and themes for corporate companies, schools as well as churches.

Taught by a highly experienced award-winning magician. ATOM ensures you get the BEST out of your magic courses. No stones will be left unturned.


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