Do you have a privacy policy?
Yes. Our privacy policy can be found here.

I have a crush on one of the cute guys in ATOM. How can I contact them?
Well. You won’t be able to get any direct point of contact for ATOM Star Performers. They will not be in a position to answer emails or requests, given their work commitments.

ATOM seems like the perfect platform for me to advertise my product. How do I go about with this?
Thank you for trusting in our value and brand image. You may contract ATOM Sales Director directly at gerard@MagicATOM.com.

I am very impressed with ATOM Live Show. Can you please tell me how those Psychological Illusions are done?
ATOM do not, under any circumstances, reveal any techniques or methods used in any of their ATOM Live Show. The good news is that ATOM provides Premium Magic Courses from beginners to advance level. You will be able to find more information here.

I noticed your shows are different from a lot of Magicians.
That is correct. ATOM LIVE performance is complete different from their teaser videos and from any other shows you have seen else where. Just view ATOM’s previous clients testimonies and you will know what I mean. ATOM’s style of magic is different, so you won’t be seeing top-hats, magic canes, birds or rabbits. ATOM’s magic is fresh, exciting and contemporary.

Do you involve Witchcraft in any of your performance?
No. ATOM members are NOT psychics, witches or sorcerers – though the idea may be cool. Thus, they do not possess such abilities although it seems like they do. ATOM blends Magic together with Psychological Techniques such as Body Language, Speech Pattern Analysis and Suggestions.

Can I get a signed object/photo?
Thank you very much for including ATOM into your collection. There are 2 ways you can get your object/photo autographed: 1) You may purchase our products and ATOM will gladly autographed and addressed it to you. 2) Over at their Live Shows, you may approach any of our friendly ATOM members with your object/photo that needs autographing.

I want to request an interview with ATOM.
If you are an official newspaper, radio station or member of the press or media please submit a request here.

When is ATOM coming to my country?
ATOM will announce other countries in good time. At the moment ATOM is concentrating on their South-East Asia Tour. Nevertheless ATOM is still open to invitations, please submit your request here.

Any chance of ATOM relocating to my country?
Yes if the opportunity strikes for the whole team to relocate. In fact, one of ATOM previous member used to be relocated in Texas for a month and one of them is currently based in London.

Where is the official ATOM site?
It is over here.


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