“The Art of Magic” is what Reuben would refer magic to. Always discerning the value of entertainment and amazement as an important factor of his performance, his philosophy in magic has impacted his performing friends around him.

Reuben has been interested in magic since he was a young primary school boy. Inspired by a street performer in the early days, his interests in magic took full charge when he was doing his undergraduate studies in the National University of Singapore in 2004. Aside from his academic pursuits, Reuben is also a retired semi-professional cyberathlete, musician, singer / songwriter and lover of video editing and motion graphics animations. He has also spearheaded the Street-magic scene in Singapore through the founding of a local Street Magic Club: “SMTG – Street Magic the Gathering”. This is an exclusive club where talented magicians get together to randomly perform for strangers on the streets of Singapore. This serve as an excellent platform to further hone their skills in real world situations.

Reuben has been performing Street Magic regularly since 2004 and has constantly been giving advice and ideas to his performing magician friends on a regular basis. Other than constantly performing for strangers on the streets, he also performs at national events such as the Chingay Festival and has consulted, mentored, and raised upcoming underground magicians in Singapore.

Always treating magic with the utmost respect, Reuben refuses to call a magic trick a “trick” and always refers to them as an “effect.” His philosophy on “The Art of Magic” is also evident in his performing style – leading people to address him as an “Illusionist.” From cards that magically morph, mysterious revelations on his body, floating objects and stopping his heart…. His performance always leaves strong and lasting impressions on his audience members.

Reuben recounts a spectator in a bar who saw him performing magic at a pub called “Networmz” at Selegie Road. 3 years later, he bumps into Reuben and the man asked, “Do you remember what you did at Networmz?”

Puzzled Reuben replied, “hmm, I only remembered ordering food and singing!”

“You used your shadow to pull someone’s signed card off the middle of the deck. I was staring right at the deck. There was nothing at all. I couldn’t believe it and just dropped my jaw. That’s what you did Reuben.”


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