“A natural and charming performer known for his close-up magic (think David Blaine’s magic), and with tons of experience performing for major clients (Kimberly-Clark, etc). There’s no reason why “Ninja” is banned in Casinos. But of course, being one of the top professional gamers in Singapore, having competed in WCG (World Cyber Games) has given him the advantage of fast fingers to swift through the cards and magical sleights that even the close-up cameras can’t detect.

“Ninja” loves to brighten up people’s day with his skill in magic. People’s smile and joy are known to be Ninja’s priceless reward.

“Ninja” is well known for his creativity, humour, close-up magic and for his skill in cards and magical sleights. So hand him a deck and get ready to be entertain!

P.S. The picture on the right may just seem like an ordinary picture that is turned upside-down. If you were to orientate the picture or adjust your head, you will notice the picture is actually distorted! A taste of psychological illusion!


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