“Cetron has a lot of skills. He can solve the Rubik’s Cube very fast, and it doesn’t involve tossing it up in the air and catching it already solved. His Singapore record is 18 seconds. Using one hand. I’m telling you it’s a lot more impressive than simple magic.

Starting out with juggling when he was 10, Cetron’s life has been a series of learning one interesting hobby after another. So far he has learnt how to yo-yo, contact juggle, beatbox, manipulate cards, poi and design
ambigrams. His current endevour is to perform magic, mainly dealing with coins, although he recently bought a thimble from a crocodile farm which turned out to be really fun.

Cetron is most proud about having given the boost to the Singaporean Speed-cubing scene by gathering all local speed-cubers into SG.Cubers, Singapore’s official speed-cubing organisation.

Centron is an Entertainment Consultant for ATOM and is currently based in the UK. He enjoys writing now and then, and this is his first attempt at writing about himself in third person.He does origami too.


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