Behind Successful Magic & Influence

inventor, magician, singapore, david blaineAndrew Mayne, magic’s most prolific creators, recently mentions about a dominance stare or ‘Zen Stare’ as Walter Isaacson would call it.

Somehow, the Zen Stare creates a sense of leadership, credibility and confidence leading those who possess it to success. Steve Jobs would do this in negotiations while David Blaine does it in the middle of a four ace trick. Coincidentally, the stars of ATOM possesses the same Zen Stare. Alvin Terence, the Creative Director of the pack,  is known for his leadership qualities, he has a really cool portfolio (credibility) and confidence that will translate throughout his performances.

Shahid Mazali, Manhunt Singapore 2011 participant and Top 3 Mr. Popular even describes Alvin Terence as “Singapore’s very own CRISS ANGEL!”

To find out more on how Alvin Terence and ATOM can spice things up at your event, visit:



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